Aug 23, 2014

Sweet memories

"Sweet memories"

Once I was traveling somewhere old,
There I met a lady by the road.

Then she opened a books on life,
Asking me whether I have a wife?

Lady I swear, you are very sweet,
You've raised my soft heartbeat.

No, I don't have a spouse,
Or anybody special in my house.

Then we talked till the moon was high,
But I knew I had to tell her goodbye.

As time had come for us to depart,
We both did our best part.

The beautiful soul I just met,
Spreading light only few can compensate.

She said, Thank you my wandering friend,
may I'll see you in the life's next bend.

So the journey just went on,
waiting for the morning Sun.

That was a page from my journal,
Keeping Sweet memories till eternal.

Aug 20, 2014

One with Myself

"One with Myself"

I was traveling kind of solo,
Then she came to me and said hello!!

Why do you travel all alone?
Is this journey your stepping stone?

With a smile here I said,
Hope this sentence doesn't fade.

I like to feel the smell of the air,
Warmth of the earth that it share.

Scale the sky like a bird,
Like a story that is never been heard.

I chose the path that has been traveled less,
But sometime I do create some mess.

She took my hand and held it tight,
Oh, so you want to be like a kite?

Remember, kite is attached to the thread,
I hope this gets processed in your head.

I gazed in her eyes with full of life,
Just like a butter slides with the knife.

Lady, I'm just a wandering soul,
Like a convict out on a parole.

You've raised a valid point,
I hope my answer doesn't disappoint.

Making friends along the way,
I walk without further delay.

My journey is to know thyself,
By being one with myself.

Aug 18, 2014

Seed of Pain

   People wants to be happy, I doubt anybody wants to suffer and be in pain. But many a times most people don't know how to come out of this cycle of pain. I wrote this poem when one of my friend was opening up with me about her "Childhood abuse."  Now I dedicate this to anybody who are fighting a battle with themselves.

[Seed of Pain]

Oh my friend, you are opening again,
about the chapter that caused you pain.

It has been years since that past memories,
But why is it still smell fresh like an Indian curries?

Allow yourself to heal the wound,
just like a room that just been broomed.

No matter who gave you that seed of pain,
Don't feed it, as you have nothing to gain.

Be in the present and be alive with it,
Everyday day you'll progress a tiny bit.

Please cut the root of the giant tree,
That grew from the seed that you fed for free.

Let your breath be your mighty axe,
By observing you'll send a fax.

To the self you've become,
With the determination to overcome.

Then my friend, you will cross the fence,
As you'll start living in the present tense.

Aug 15, 2014

One with You

     My baby step in the world of rhymes!!


  Slow down your pace oh my friend,
just look back, are you running the same rat race?

Let us turn the pages of dictionary for clarification,
tell me what does the word "Happy" says as a definition?

Dive into your head, and filter out all that is crappy,
isn't your pursuit is to be happy? 

Do you believe happy dwells in the six figure salary?
or in the house that looks like a picture perfect gallery?

Does 'Happy' resides in the heart of your lover?
or it's just an illusion that you are trying to cover?

The day you let go of this hallucination,
will be the day you see the light of illumination.

First, be one with with your own breath,
observer every moment and listen what does it saith.

You don't have to chant the holy 'Om',
as your body itself is that holy dome.

Feeling and thoughts might come and go,
just like any busy station do.

You just be the observer of your plain old breath,
then you'll notice that it's not a myth.

All the answers will come to you,
only when you become "One with You."

Your mind will open to the new faculty,
and you'll experience the new reality.

Then you'll flow in harmony with the nature,
finally, you'll become one happy creature.

Jul 29, 2014

नगरी ध्यान | Without Meditation

रोपेर  बिरुवा मायाको एक,
आशा छ देला छाँया लाई  यात्री  अनेक !!     

हिडेको थिए गर्न परिवर्तन यो संसार,
अहिले पो बुझे पहिला आफु बन्नु पर्दो रहेछ मिलनसार!!

जपनेले जप्ला , भजनेले  भज्ला  अनि नाच्नेले नचला हुदैँ  बहुलाई ,

तर म  लागे आफु भित्रको बिकारलाई दिन राम धुलाई !!

गीता पढे, वेद बुझे , धेरै पल्ट दर्शनको गफ छोडे महान,
अहिले पो बुझे, जति डमरु ठोके पनि नचल्ने रैछ एक पाइला नगरी ध्यान !!

This was my impromptu poetic reply to one of my friend's comment in my Facebook photo. This talks about no matter what we do, either chant, dance or just talk about philosophies the bottom line is we have to meditate to grow spiritually. 

P.S: My friend has agreed to be a guest writer in this blog, so I hope you'll find his posts/poems informative and entertaining.